$5:00 lucky dip packs


Lucky dip packs
  • 3 cardstock (matching or co-coordinating colours) only -Bazzil, Cordinations, American crafts, unbranded, Kaiser or foundations
  • 2-3 matching patterned papers
  • embellishments 2 or 3 assorted - MAY include - alphas, stickers, chipboard, ribbons, bling, brads or buttons, in any combination of these embellishments.....
  • Sometimes packs may include an alpha sheet or elements sheet or specialty paper (die-cut)
These packs will have an estimated retail value of $8 - $10:00 each

***If you require these for a class please state this when purchasing - we will give you x amount of packs from the same paper range with the exact same papers and cardstock for your classes - embellishments may still vary but will be very similar***

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